Client information

Any information you provide to me will be completely confidential whether or not you decide to choose me as your defense lawyer.

Bjerrehuus Advokater Law Firm is organized as a private limited company owned by Christian Bjerrehuus Holding Lawyer Private Limited Company. Lawyer Christian Bjerrehuus is appointed by the Danish Ministry of Justice and he is a part of Advokatsamfundet which is an acknowledged society of lawyers in Denmark. Other than that, Christian Bjerrehuus is a part of the Danish Association of Defense Lawyers and Øresund Lawyers (Local association).

The price rates for lawyers in Denmark are decided by the court and they are fixed. You can see the rates here:  
Initially the cost is payed by the Danish Treasury. If you are found guilty of the charges, you will hereafter have to pay the cost partly or fully to the Danish Treasury.

Bjerrehuus Lawyers has a liability insurance and warranty agreement with Codan Assurance Company, which follows the fixed rules decided by The Danish Bar and Law Society. The liability insurance has full coverage of all activities exercised by Lawyer Christian Bjerrehuus in all parts of the country.

The legal practice of Lawyer Christian Bjerrehuus is covered by the Danish Bar and Law Society supervision and disciplinary system and by the rules regarding fair practice by lawyers.


 The Disciplinary Board ("Advokatnævnet") handles disciplinary complaints and complaints about legal fees against lawyers (“advokater” ). The address is The Secretariat of the Disciplinary Board - Kronprinsessegade 28 - 1306 Copenhagen – DK,

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