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I have conducted a large number of legal proceedings, both small and large media covered cases in drug related, violence related and economical crime. I firmly believe that my vigilance, trustworthiness and professionalism ensure that my clients contact me whenever they are in need of help. I do my very best to make sure that my clients leave the court room with the feeling that we have done everything possible and thereby achieved the best possible result in their case.

In criminal cases the client is rarely alone. Family and other relations are typically left with a lot of questions and uncertainties. In these situations, I do my best to answer the questions and explain the process of the trial.

You are more than welcome to contact me for a non-obligating meeting or talk about your case or situation.

This is the process of a criminal case:
The quick overview

1. A report is filed

An example could be that the police reacts after a citizen reports having seen or experienced an illegal action.

2. Investigation

The investigation lead by the police involves one or more suspects having broken the law.

3. Preliminary charge

The police preliminarily charges one or more suspects with a legal offense.

4. Defense lawyer

As a charged person you have the right to a defense lawyer whose purpose will be to aid and counsel you throughout the case.

5. Remand

If the police requests for remand, a judge will discern whether there are legal grounds that the person be remanded. Read more about your rights regarding this subject here.Læs mere dine rettigheder her.

6. Questioning

As a part of the police investigation, the charged individual will typically be questioned, and he/she has a right not to answer any questions that the police might ask.

7. Being charged

At the end of a criminal investigation the prosecutor decides if the defendant will be charged with a legal offence. If not, the charges will be dropped.

8. The legal proceeding

The prosecutor must prove that the defendant is guilty of the charges. The court decides whether the defendant is proved guilty, and if so, determines the sentence that the convicted must endure.

You have the right to choose your own defense lawyer

If you are a suspect in a case or are charged with a legal offence, you have the right to choose which defense lawyer you would like to use in the case. It is not costlier to choose a lawyer for yourself than to have the one the court appointed for you. The fee of your defense lawyer is always fixed, so the price will be the same. If the legal charges are dropped, the fee of your lawyer is payed by the Danish Treasury Department.

If you are in remand and want to make a change to a different defense lawyer, you must contact either the staff of the prison or the police. You may also present the wish to change defense lawyer in any hearing or court session.

It is strongly recommended that you demand to have your defense lawyer present as soon as the police wants to make a preliminary charge against you and before you make any statements, regardless of your situation. You have the right to have a defense lawyer appointed if you are preliminarily charged.

With a defense lawyer by your side you will be able to work through the case with you lawyer beforehand, and thus get a better idea of the prosecutor’s point of view. With your defense lawyer you can, among other things, go through the police’s questioning of other individuals in the case. You can also go through technical evidence, which can be video surveillance, interception material, fingerprints, DNA-material and so on. On this basis you will be able to discuss with your defense lawyer, whether or not you should make any comments to the police. Other than that you will be able to plan how the case will progress and discuss how to best proceed within the given circumstances.


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